TEDxAUTH Website

Website for local TEDx I was a volunteer member.

  • Backend in PHP
  • Frontend utilize framework

lazy loading, static generator, dynamic content, i18n, responsive

AUTH Class Schedule

Project that I build on my first internship.

  • Frontend in AngularJS
  • Backend in PHP using Slim Framework

SPA, API, internship

Restore Distort Game

Game I build for a Game Jam event. It is a multiplayer game that endulge players to the magic of art.

  • Front-end in Vue
  • Game in Phaser
  • Backend in firebase

SPA, firebase, cloud functions, game engine

iGEM Thessaloniki Project Page

Website for scientific project I was a volunteer member during my studies.

  • Front-end in Vue

mobile first

TEDxUnMul Website

Website for local TEDx that was a volunteer member.

  • Fullstack in PHP using Laravel

lazy loading, MVC framework, dynamic content, remote collaboration, CMS, i18n, responsive

TEDxAUTH Application


  • Frontend in Vue
  • Cordova application engine
  • Fetch data from backend

push notifications, mobile application, ticket scanner, i18n