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Panagiotis Karatakis

Greetings, I'm Panagiotis, I have more than seven years of hands-on experience in the software development sector. My expertise encompasses a wide range of roles, including lead developer, scrum master, and mentoring. My current goal is to evolve into a software architect or project manager, with the aim to utilize my skills to lead teams towards success.

In addition, I'm deeply involved in contributing to the Seaography project as a part-time developer. The main idea is generating a ready to compile GraphQL API in Rust from a relational database. This project is a good showcase of my commitment in pushing the boundaries of technology and my passion to always improve my skills.

Through my consulting services, I offer tailored solutions designed to meet your specific software-related needs. With a dedication to excellence, I'm confident in my ability to drive results and bring value to every project I engage with.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Curious about my skills and career background? Glide through the link below to immerse yourself in a concise introduction – my Curriculum Vitae (CV) awaits your perusal.



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Here, I'm thrilled to showcase a selection of my projects. Whether you're up for an in-depth exploration or a quick glance through preview images, the choice is yours to make. Feel free to dive in and discover the creative endeavors I've been immersed in.


Blog Posts

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